Material Sport, the notion where the quality of the equipment (the material, configuration / mix of material) can determine and decide the outcome.

The better the material in your sport, the better you will perform. The same can be said for our beds, where the materials, configuration and design can determine the quality of your comfort and sleep.



If you already own a DUX, you’ll know that the notion of comfort shared by four generations has resulted in a fantastic product.

Ever since our start in 1926, we have worked hard to offer you the perfect sleep experience. Over the years, we have introduced a range of groundbreaking innovations designed to improve your sleep. Take, for example, the DUX continuous coil spring, mattress top pad and Pascal comfort zones.

We proudly intertwine tradition with smart innovation, technological craftsmanship and expertise based on science. Our mattresses are superbly crafted using technology that provides you with something extra. We develop our products with the aim of improving the functionality of our beds without forsaking tradition. The unique DUX feel.

When it comes to comfort, you understand that a better mattress will give you a better overall experience. It is only natural then that you would choose a brand that delivers on this. When you choose a DUX, you can rest assured that you have made an excellent choice. Our long-standing commitment to excellence guarantees exactly that.

So no, things were not better in the past. They are better today.




If you already own a DUX, you’ll know that our mattresses help you sleep better.

You know that how you perform during the day depends on how effectively you rest at night. Your choice of mattress is therefore crucial to your quality of life and personal success. Whatever your life goals, you need a bed that is just right for you.

In today's rapid pace, our need for comfort, well-being and rest only increases. We are convinced that sleep comfort is a direct result of optimal material choices, sustainable design, scientific ergonomics and proud professional expertise. And we think you agree.

We strive to enhance your well-being through deeper sleep, increased comfort, the potential to relax, security, pride and joy.

How do you define comfort? The joy of owning a DUX.



If you already own a DUX, you’ll know that better sleep increases your energy levels.

You are made up of over 37 trillion cells, each one of which can store energy. How much energy you store depends on how efficiently you charge. Your ability to charge depends on how efficiently you sleep.

Think of your bed as a battery charger! During sleep, your cells are charged with new energy. The better you sleep, the more energy you store. In contrast, when you sleep too little, too restlessly or too uncomfortably, your cells do not recharge completely.

Choose a DUX bed knowing our brand always strives to optimise the quality of your rest. Continuous coil springs, adjustable zones and materials work together so you can let go of your body, thoughts and feelings. Efficient charging provides energy for an active lifestyle.

What we offer is a bed that allows you to sleep longer and more deeply thanks to its outstanding flexibility. A more comfortable experience.

What does the expression, "A rejuvenating night's sleep" mean to you?




If you own a DUX, you’ll already know about sowing and harvesting.

Most things in life are about cause and effect. For a really good result, you need to have the right mindset from the start. Sure, sometimes you get lucky, but in the long run you need to make conscious, wise decisions to achieve what you want.

Robert Louis Stevenson coined the expression: Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant. At DUX, we'd like to develop this further into: Don't judge yourself by the results of the day but by how well you sleep at night. This holds a lot of truth.
For a farmer, the quality of the soil is crucial to the yield of the harvest. Similarly, the quality of the bed is crucial to how well you recover and therefore also what you 'harvest' during the active period of your day.

The DUX bed design with continuous coil springs, offers your body seamless support. Your body is relieved more evenly and therefore you move less in your sleep. The times you do actually move, our coil springs will support the shift in weight. You will need to exert yourself less. If you are looking for outstanding ergonomics, choose a bed with our optional Pascal system. This allows you to create individual firmness zones and optimise support for your hips, back and shoulders.

Investing in a DUX is laying the foundation for good personal harvests, whether it be in your career, relationships or happiness.

What does sowing and harvesting mean to you? You've made your bed, now you get to lie in it?




If you already own a DUX, you’ll know it should be easy to relax.

In quantum mechanics, it is said that a particle can be in two places at once. We can't promise that our continuous coil springs have quantum mechanical properties. However, we can promise that a DUX bed will allow you to feel heavy and light, at the same time.

It is not our beds that make you feel heavy, but the Earth's gravity. For four generations, we have developed our beds to dynamically distribute your weight so you can sleep more deeply and efficiently. For personalised ergonomics, choose a bed with our unique Pascal system that offers adjustable comfort zones for your hips, back and shoulders.

A DUX bed is designed to give you the ability to relax. Over time, you will build up a personal relationship with your bed and further develop your sleeping skills. For you, it may not be the rest itself that is important, but the feeling of waking up rested.

A bed that can both embrace your weight and make you feel light creates the basis for exquisite comfort. Such a bed can only be made from years of expertise and carefully tested materials. That bed is a DUX.