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Don't Forget Your Travel Pillow: Stay Comfortable on Long Trips

By DUX Design, AB  •  October 20, 2015

The next time you plan a long haul flight or a road trip don't forget to pack a travel pillow. If you've resisted the idea of travel pillows thus far, you should reconsider. There are few better ways to protect your neck and upper back from the strain of nodding off without support.

Travel pillows can be solid or inflatable, to make them easier to pack or carry with you. There are a variety of designs available to choose from that can solve different issues. For example, if your head tends to fall forward when you doze many pillows have added bulk and support in front to prevent that deeply uncomfortable head-snap that can wake you up. Others are designed for use with shoulder seat belts, working with the vehicle's safety feature to support your head and neck.

When you travel with the DUX® Travel pillow you can use it instead of, or in addition to the hotel's pillows for extra comfort and support. Take the comfort of your own DUX® Bed on the road. With The DUX® Travel pillow, you can sleep comfortably even if you aren't in a hotel that features DUX Beds. The DUX® Travel Pillow is 100% cotton filled with white goose down and is certified to be Hypoallergenic in addition to machine washable and dust mite-proof.  You can find the DUXIANA® Travel Pillow at our stores, along with The DUX® Bed: the best bed for back pain, pregnancy and quality sleep.

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