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How to Choose a Mattress: Navigating the Landscape

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By DUX Design, AB  •  June 15, 2015

What should you look for in a mattress? Experts at DUXIANA® go beyond the most common concern – soft vs. firm. Below is a list of key components that can help you make the right decision when shopping for a new mattress. 

1. Materials

The multitude of materials and construction methods of mattresses today can range from hand-crafted to machine made and from all-natural to synthetic.  Are you certain the materials and methods used to produce your mattress are healthy for both you and the environment? When considering what mattress to choose, do the research.  How does your purchase affect your personal carbon footprint and how might the materials that went into its construction affect your health.  Look for certifications like the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 seal of approval to ensure your mattress has been tested and meets the strict human-ecological requirements of being completely free of any unhealthy or harmful substances.

2. Longevity

How long will a mattress last? Every year mattress companies shorten the recommended lifetime of their mattress, hoping you'll buy again soon. But what if your mattress was crafted of individual components that could be replaced and upgraded as they wore, instead of replacing the whole bed?  The DUX® Bed is designed to outlast all other beds on the market. This innovative component design coupled with their resilient spring and frame construction means more beds being passed down from generation to generation as they commonly are in Sweden, and less beds ending up in landfills. Invest in a DUX Bed and never have to decide how to choose a mattress again.

3. Customizability

Speaking of component parts, the DUX 6006  and DUX 8008 are your best bet for truly customizable support. With these two DUX Bed models, you can customize the support to fit your specific body shape and preferences. In the event of an injury, illness, aging or even pregnancy, the bed can be easily changed to suit your ever-evolving needs. Furthermore, if you share you bed with someone, each of you can customize your own side. In a DUX Bed, your comfort no longer has to be compromised. How many mattresses have you looked at that offer this kind of personalization and customizability?

4. Support

You need a bed that offers comprehensive support for your neck, shoulders and back. After all, we spend about a third of our lives in bed. Each body is unique – when deciding on how to choose a mattress, consider whether it will support your shape, weight, and personal needs. Will it support your spine in a natural position for correct sleep posture regardless of body type? Will your mattress provide dynamic support as you move at night? Foam mattresses, for example, can mold to your body and make it difficult to turn over, waking you up from deep sleep. The DUX Bed provides the perfect balance of support and flexibility to keep you comfortable all night long.

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