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Pet Friendly Accommodations

By DUX Design, AB  •  October 20, 2015

Are you someone who travels in style and wants your pet to be right there with you? Do you want to reduce the amount of stress placed on your jet-setting dog or cat? Today more and more pet friendly accommodations are being made to provide the best hospitality to not only people, but to their furry family members, so they can have an unprecedented travel experience. It’s time you sit back, relax, and put your mind at ease with your beloved pet as you depart on your next adventure.

Traveling is stressful in and of itself, and bringing along your pet can add another level of anxiety.  Most of this anxiety comes from owners worrying about their pet’s behavior and comfort while traveling. Perhaps traveling with your cat or dog in pet friendly airports and pet friendly hotels that provide luxury pet accommodations will help your worries subside. Recently, the John F. Kennedy Airport in New York opened the first luxury terminal for animals that offers splashing pools, therapeutic messages, and “pawdicures” for dogs, as well as trees to climb and an abundance of scratching posts for cats. There also happens to be an on-site veterinary clinic and webcams that allows owners to check in on their pets at any time. So while you are waiting in the Admirals Club for the next hour, have a delay, or an extensive layover, your dog or cat can feel pampered and ready to travel by the time you step foot on that Boeing 737.

Because pets are such an important part of people’s lives, more and more airports are providing pet friendly accommodations like JFK. Dulles International Airport in D.C, Miami International Airport, Hartfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Detroit Metropolitan Airport, and Phoenix Sky Harbor all provide your pets with a luxury environment where they can relax and have fun! Some of these pet friendly terminals have areas where dogs run around, play at the dog park, go outside on the terrace, or get cozy in the cat corner. While each of these airports offers something different, they pride themselves on their “fur-st class care” and ensure a quality experience for your pet, allowing you to travel at ease. 

More common than luxury pet airport terminals are hotels with pet friendly accommodations, which can be found worldwide. Only a handful, however, truly encompass luxury for both you and your pet. The Quin Hotel, also located in New York, is a great example of what luxury pet accommodation should be. Every room has its own deluxe DUXIANA® mattress for their guests and prior notice will even allow your cat or dog to get a DUXIANA® pet bed. In addition, each room has a terrace for your pet to get fresh air whenever needed instead of making a journey downstairs. Another pet friendly accommodation that also carries a DUXIANA® mattress in each of their rooms is The Greenwich Hotel, located in one of the most posh neighborhood of NYC. They make sure that not only are their traveling guests well rested and pampered, but their pets are too, by providing endless amenities and a lasting impression. 

It’s understandable that traveling with a pet can make you anxious, but don’t let it. With luxury pet accommodations now becoming more prevalent in the hospitality industry, you have the option to make sure you pet is in the right hands at all times, whether in an airport terminal or hotel. After all, a happy pet makes for a happy owner, at home or abroad.


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