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With an Integrated Soundbar, This New Luxury Bed Is as Smart as You Want It to Be

The DUX One bed with Grey Seal Headboard and Base Cover, in a Scandinavian home

Marcus Lawett, DUX

Long before the pandemic forced purveyors of high-end goods to start selling everything from yachts to real estate on digital platforms, Duxiana—the Swedish luxury mattress-maker—was already planning to offer its newest bed, the Dux One, online. And considering that it was built to adapt to the rigors of modern life, there’s probably no better place for it.

The bed, which is the first product the 90-year-old company has sold online, has been in the works for about two years. Part of that time was dedicated to working with California-based audio brand Stellé to develop a smart soundbar that integrates into the end of the bed. That module, which will be available in the fall, is compatible with Alexa, so it can do everything from telling you the weather to orchestrating wake-up and bedtime routines with your other smart devices and appliances.


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