DUX High Performance Sleep Systems are the result of nearly nine decades of research and testing. At the core of every DUX mattress is a remarkably engineered system whose spring components are precisely calibrated and configured to accommodate the size, shape and weight of its user. DUX technology is based upon an encyclopedic understanding of sleep mechanics. The DUX Bed is designed to provide Correct Sleep Posture, a position where the spine is perpendicular to the hips so the muscles in the lower back can completely and fully relax. The result is measurable. In fact, sleep studies prove that DUX users not only fall asleep faster, but enjoy an extra hour of Deep Sleep — the only sleep stage where the body’s immune system and muscle groups heal and repair themselves.

DUX technology provides the most ergonomically sophisticated bed available on the market. And to this day, the company that makes the DUX Bed is still owned and operated by the Ljung family, who make their and the company’s home in Sweden.


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