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Ritzy Armchair

Modern, super-exclusive seating with the finest details.

Ritzy Armchair

An elegant, comfortable easy chair, perfect for your home or business.

  • DUX spring system
  • Single seater sofa
Ritzy Easy Chair
Ritzy Chrome Elmo Soft 13087
Ritzy Chrome Naturale Schwarz
Ritzy Chrome Naturale Camel
Ritzy Chrome Elmo Soft 13087


  • Available in multiple colours and various fabrics or leather
  • Seat and back element in steel tubing, pullmaflex, and laminate
  • DUX springs, polyether, and fiberfill in the seat cushion
  • Cold foam back cushion
  • Stainless steel legs

Easy chairs


Upholstery for DUX Easy Chairs is available in a selection of DUX fabrics and leathers that use only high-quality materials at different price ranges. DUX selects fabrics and leathers based on their quality, durability, resistance to pilling and rubbing, lightfastness, and sustainability.

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Superior design

The DUX Design Team

The DUX Design Team firmly believe that they are more than craftspersons. They are scientists that create stylish and comfortable furniture.

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